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Keyword Research
The 1st step in any SEO campaign is keyword research. This essentially means we’ll sit down, run an analysis on your website/product/service in order to carefully find the most profitable and effective keywords to use in your campaign. Most companies fail to do this part with enough attention, and it often leads to poor results. With Honcho SEO, you won’t have to worry about poor results – as we take care of everything from Day 1 to ensure successful results.
Dedicated Account Manager
We’ll never leave you in the dark with your campaign. When you begin a campaign with us, you’ll be assigned your very own dedicated campaign/account manager – who will assist and update you along the way with how your campaign is progressing.
On-page Optimization
On-page optimization refers to the aspects of your website that appeal to search engines. There are a wide variety of factors that you must take into consideration when creating your website. However, if there’s one thing we’ve seen, it’s that most companies ignore on-page optimization when designing their websites. Not to worry though… that’s where we come into play. Before beginning your campaign, we’ll run an extensive audit on your website to pinpoint any on-page issues that we need fixed. Common on-page mistakes can be; incomplete titles, poor keyword selections, ignoring descriptions, mobile responsiveness, etc. Again, we will take care of this for you as part of your campaign.
Off-page Optimization
After ‘on page’, we also have ‘off page’ SEO. As the name suggests, off page optimisation is based on the factors outside your website. In other words, off page SEO mainly relates to the number of backlinks your website has on its external pages. Creating backlinks may sound simple, but the truth is, there’s a lot more to it. You could build backlinks yourself manually, but unless you knew exactly what you were doing and how to do it, you would probably fail to achieve the results you want. This is where HonchoSEO can help. There are multiple ways to obtain and create backlinks, a few being; directory submissions, press releases, guest posting, sponsor posts and many more. When you begin a campaign with us we’ll take care of this stage for you – so you won’t have to spend a single second worrying about creating backlinks.
Tracking Your Progress
At the end of the month, you’ll receive a tracking report from us. This report will give you a detailed explanation as to how effective our service has been and how our SEO has impacted your rankings. Included in the report is a chart of the keywords that are being targeted in the campaign, along with their current ranking positions in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). This will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of our service as you progress with the SEO campaign. You will notice that each month your rankings will slowly and steadily proceed to go up, until we achieve the #1 top spot – which would be the ultimate goal.
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